Mementos of Distance

A new month, new energy, and plenty of new creations under my belt…

Come on, 2015, there’s still a little time left. Let’s finish it with a bang!

(And some poetry, of course…)

Outside, the snow is falling
silence stretches in the weight behind
the distance flakes have traveled
what they have seen
what they have known
lonely mementos of their fading.

This Video is Everything this Week

“No Laughs Tonight

Whether you’re a Jon Stewart fan or not, I implore you to watch his segment above on the Charleston shootings this week. I could not think of any better sum, analysis, break down, what have you. Honest and raw, it truly says the things everyone in this country needs to here.

Watch it because this week, this…this is everything.

And afterwards, when you inevitably need a pick me up, watch the interview with Malala that followed, because that woman is an inspiration, and will restore your hope and faith in mankind.

“Jon Stewart forgoes laughs for a heart-to-heart. Care of: TV Guide.”

Secret Project Revealed!

Building on the media buzz of women in geek culture, friend and fellow writer Emmie Mears has banded together with fellow SuperWomen editors to celebrate the role of women in geekdom… Geeks, Writers, Countrypeople, go check it out!

Secret Project Revealed!


Good morning, gentle viewers!

Oh, I’m so excited.

If you’ve been around these parts for a while, you’ll remember a series of posts about SuperWomen. Ever since I was a kid, I longed to see female superheroes, but as we all know, they’re rather thin on the ground. After my recent post about superhero clothing and the sexist attitudes toward women displayed by the creators, I got to thinking.

There’s been a lot of stuff in the media lately about women in geek culture, from Jim C. Hines posing like the women on fantasy covers (with John Scalzi, and for charity to boot!) to showcase how ridiculous the poses are to posting about one particular pose. Then there’s the amazing Hawkeye Initiative and my new favorite Tumblr in which artist Alex Law uses the superhero costumes of little girls to show that their gender expectations haven’t…

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A great contest for those of you practiced in the shorter form of fiction, with a lovely prize for its winners. Go forth, fellow writers!

Creative Writing Contests

$2,500 Awaits Winners of Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition

Writers of short fiction are encouraged to enter the 2013 Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition. The competition has a thirty-one year history of literary excellence, and its organizers are dedicated to enthusiastically supporting the efforts and talent of emerging writers of short fiction whose voices have yet to be heard. Lorian Hemingway, granddaughter of Nobel laureate Ernest Hemingway, is the author of three critically acclaimed books: Walking into the River, Walk on Water, and A World Turned Over. Ms. Hemingway is the competition’s final judge.

Prizes and Publication:

The first-place winner will receive $1,500 and publication of his or her winning story in Cutthroat: A Journal of the Arts. The second – and third-place winners will receive $500 each. Honorable mentions will also be awarded to entrants whose work demonstrates promise. Cutthroat: A Journal of the Arts was founded by editor-in-chief…

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Good morning, happy people. Today I draw your attention to this essay on Fantasy, from the Self Aware Nerd. Quality stuff–and includes classy Tolkien being classy. Read on!

Self Aware Nerd

This week I had a conversation in which I defended a book I have never read because the primary criticism I heard leveled against it was simply that “it has magic.” My response was, equally simply, “what’s wrong with magic?” The magical and the fantastic has long been seen unfairly, in the minds of some “serious” readers, as fundamentally lesser works or as lacking in basic literary merit. I have to ask, though, what are The Odyssey and The Tempest if not works of fantasy?

I read a lot. I watch a lot of movies and I’ve seen what is probably more than my fair share of television, and I tend to read a decent amount of comics, or graphic novels for those too afraid to admit that they like them. In my countless hours of “study”, I have come to some conclusions about what makes a work valid or consequential. A…

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Poet among Poets, Semaphore, is talking the art of the beautiful Cento on FormForAll–showing that even the patchwork can be beautiful.


Samuel Peralta here…

A collage is an artistic technique, whereby a piece of artwork is assembled from fragments of art from numerous sources, creating a new whole.

While its origins may be traced back hundreds of years, modern collage is said to have begun with Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso, who led the Cubist school of painting. Braque is said to have applied the technique first to his charcoal drawings, applying cut swatches of textured wallpaper to his drawings; almost simultaneously, Picasso began pasting materials to his oil paintings.

Both Braque and Picasso used the term collage – stemming from the French word ‘coller’, or ‘to glue’ – in discussing this new, modernist technique.

Their example led to an explosion of works using this new technique, and today it has become a highly-developed form, rather than a novelty.

Collages now utilize a plethora of sources – newspapers, photographs, handmade papers…

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