Bare Foot Education

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Exploited feet

diminished spirit

ashen world detritus

clogging pores and pouring


out live within

sanctuary of knowledge

fortress by education, maze-like

without the cheese, just history and

ink dripping from the binding—


not a prayer

nor a thought,

it’s the brick and mortar keeps me

it’s the paper worlds that defend me

it’s the flesh and bone that births me


beyond, the living

not made, clandestine

nights of exhaustion for figments

and apparitions—yet

no imagination save “away”.


Familiar is the chirp

of the restoration aria

gentle minds contemplate

as they dream bare foot dreams.

Mr. Philosophos

Mr. PhilosophosI am the way.


beyond the knowing


–       wisdom

–                       as such

for learning is love

but loving its possession–

–       sophos

–                     self

the search yearns

breathes and breeds but


–                   9/10s

–                               nothing

We are on the way

or we, drifting in the ripples

are nothing but


–               answers

–                               drunk.

Educational Hush

Twilight hush amidst the room;
a voice, rising through the shadow throng
commits the universe to notes
and I, swooning through the grace of logic, rise
drifted on the captivated stars
onto the mystic sea, glittering in
transcendental mysticism fires
that will not be bound by flesh:
a word, they say, a notion
but in that heaving sky
the rush of majesty;
souls which lie

The Gift of Curiosity

“I have no special talents.  I am only passionately curious.”
~Albert Einstein

Not all of us have the inherent genius, nor the training for all that we would like. Some us are, sad as it may seem to those without, better at certain things than others. But it is also the beauty of the human experience that this can be made up for by another quality, one that Einstein knew well: curiosity.

The drive to investigate, to learn, to poke and poke until the curtain falls is more than mere persistence, mere stubbornness–it’s a passion. While it may prove the longer route, its results are also often the most satisfying. For in indulging our curiosity, we work our minds and our bodies, push ourselves to unravel the secrets of the world, and impart on us the talents to engage them. Will it always pan out? Of course not. I could investigate the workings of higher math functions day-in and day-out, but I dare say the ever-increasing layers of calculus will not unravel before me.

If you want to learn something, though–if something calls to you from heart or mind–then do not hold that curiosity back. It killed the cat–doesn’t mean it will kill you. Unless, of course, you want to learn how to properly lick an outlet. At that point, there’s nothing any of us can do for you.

Yet I will add this point: nothing–hear me: nothing–stirs creativity, like curiosity.

“The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder.”
~Ralph W. Sockman

A Gambol Song

Beneath our hungry shore

between life and grass

more skin blossoms.

Leap off moon–

man is wild,

a gambol


* My latest submission for the great gathering of international poets known as One Shot Wednesday. Short but sweet, and more than little cooky to more than a few of you, I’m sure, I give unto you “A Gambol Song”, my latest bit of free verse.