At Faith’s End

First released on October 7, 2013.

An empire is crumbling from within as war ravages from without.
Yet men will learn true fear comes only when faith itself dies…

The sequel to the 2011 novel, The Hollow March. Old faces and new will collide as the web of deceit, destruction, and madness grows. It returns us to the figures at the heart of a growing disaster–from the stricken and confused Rurik in the east, to the cruel machinations of the Cullicks and their crazed prisoner, and now, to the latest face of the Imperial family, who enters a land unknown to him, dead brothers at his feet, and a fiery notion of what belief entails.

The summary:

“Conflicting dedications to duty and revenge have gutted the Idasian Empire, leaving its royal family in tatters and a host of opportunists snapping at the scraps. In desperation, they turn their hopes to a foreign face, praying for reprieve against the dark plots determined to see them dead.

Meanwhile in the east, hiding among the starving remnants of the imperial army, Rurik Matair has survived attempts on his own life, and war besides, only to become isolated from those he cares most about. But even as the madness of a nation infects the heart of the army, a new commander offers the hope of stability—and the possibility that new changes will right old wrongs.

Yet one cannot hide from truth. As Rurik and his friends face the reality of those around them, young and old alike are forced to realize a terrible fact: even faith can crumble, and what stalks its ashes might be something far worse.”

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