Poet among Poets, Semaphore, is talking the art of the beautiful Cento on FormForAll–showing that even the patchwork can be beautiful.


Samuel Peralta here…

A collage is an artistic technique, whereby a piece of artwork is assembled from fragments of art from numerous sources, creating a new whole.

While its origins may be traced back hundreds of years, modern collage is said to have begun with Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso, who led the Cubist school of painting. Braque is said to have applied the technique first to his charcoal drawings, applying cut swatches of textured wallpaper to his drawings; almost simultaneously, Picasso began pasting materials to his oil paintings.

Both Braque and Picasso used the term collage – stemming from the French word ‘coller’, or ‘to glue’ – in discussing this new, modernist technique.

Their example led to an explosion of works using this new technique, and today it has become a highly-developed form, rather than a novelty.

Collages now utilize a plethora of sources – newspapers, photographs, handmade papers…

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