Marvelous battle plan from writer Emmie Mears. Get the grenades. You’ll need them for this editing session.
(If you’ve not yet basked in her equal parts wit, humor, and style, you’re not trying hard enough.)

I’ve had my nose in a bunch of books lately in regards to novel structure and the nit-grit oft-ignored parts of creating a polished story. All of that used to seem about as romantic and creative as scraping the walls of a septic tank, so back when I finished my first novel, I just ignored it. Much like I would ignore anyone who told me to scrape the walls of a septic tank.

My approach to editing used to be something like this:

(Brian Regan had it right when he asked why we think it’s a good idea to hand a kid something sharp, spin them around till they almost puke, and then turn them loose in a crowd of children.)

The point is, I had a goal, but I was so spun around I wouldn’t have been able to tell you if I was headed toward it or…

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