Drifting Howls

To preface: rain finally came to Colorado…

English: rain

*Not* our storm, but you get the gist. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Drifting Howls

Featherlight and arrow tight

a clear cascade to scour light,

it downs the earth through flashes bright

and ends in walls to steal the sight.

A crackle, night, beckoned at the howl

while men descend into the bowl

and the old bark, it bends to growl,

swirled in blacktop mirror, like sinking fowl.

Yet there ride the drifting fires,

a four-wheeled beast to scatter its own pyres

drifting to the wake the Blue Wolf sires–

a thunder on the mountain, drifting ever higher.


8 thoughts on “Drifting Howls

  1. I am glad that you guys finally got your rain. I have several friends living in Colorado, who’ve been relatively near the fires. I don’t watch broadcast news anymore, so I haven’t been following along too carefully, but I know it’s been pretty bad.

    A very evocative write. Nicely written.

  2. great flow in this chris…pours like the rain itself..wow…sounds like quite the storm..we had some heavy rains as well over here…hailstorms…damaged my new car a bit…ugh…

  3. nice…we finally got a storm yesterday…fierce…we needed the rain….not the wind again thank goodness…and it was a cooling gentle rain all morning here too…so needed….this one sounds rather intense surely…

  4. Drifting as a hungry thief. There is the bounty that comes with such a howl. I love the swirling image, reflective, mirror-like. I hope that the morning is fresh and still.

  5. Power here in your rhyme and personification – so frightening fire moving and moving. I can’t imagine how Colorado looks now. I’ve lived there off and on and it feels to me like my other “home” state. I can’t imagine the wreckage that must now be Colorado Springs. You present “storm” in a new and really fresh way here Chris. Excellent work.

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