Drifting Howls

To preface: rain finally came to Colorado…

English: rain

*Not* our storm, but you get the gist. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Drifting Howls

Featherlight and arrow tight

a clear cascade to scour light,

it downs the earth through flashes bright

and ends in walls to steal the sight.

A crackle, night, beckoned at the howl

while men descend into the bowl

and the old bark, it bends to growl,

swirled in blacktop mirror, like sinking fowl.

Yet there ride the drifting fires,

a four-wheeled beast to scatter its own pyres

drifting to the wake the Blue Wolf sires–

a thunder on the mountain, drifting ever higher.




Photography: courtesy of Creative Commons and Leslie Moon

Clouds veil summer light

The sound of rain distant rise

Shadowed flames leaking.

*For One Stop Poetry’s first ever One Stop Poetry Form…today’s subject: Haiku.

Birthday Thoughts

“The great challenge of adulthood is holding on to your idealism after you lose your innocence.” ~Bruce Springsteen

Well, well, the day has come. According to society, I’m a man now.

Twenty one years have come and gone, and while I’ve been able to go off and die now for the past three years, I am now apparently old enough to legally have at the alcohol. Michigan, true to form, however, seems to have little interest in embracing summer just for such a silly little occasion, though. Clouds encompass everything in swirls of gray and black, threatening rain without ever working up the energy to do so. Lovely–I just hope it’s not a sign of things to come.

Regardless, I take this to be a time of reflection. Nearly a quarter of a century has come and gone–and the real world looms so near. College is nearly at its end, and I suppose I’m to be all grown up now. Will I be ready when the time comes?

I suppose many people ask themselves the same question. I wonder how many have the answer.