By the Sea

At the Beach

It’s been a while, and a long weekend to boot. In sum: got some sun, traipsed some beaches, wondered and waxed philosophic and photographic somewhere between the trees and the waves, and tasted of the delicious sensation known as BBQ. It was a long weekend, but a good one, and I can honestly say it was the most relaxing I’ve had a good long while, even if I was still running all over the place.

I get the wanderlust, you know?

Big Red

C’est la vie, though, as they say. To those Americans among my readership, here’s hoping the fourth of July (the USA’s Independence Day, for those of you not up-to-the-know on your history of the land of the stars and stripes) was a delightful blend of summer warmth and rapturous relaxation with those you hold most dear. Plus, if you got to see some of the shiny explosions that were lighting up the country’s night sky, all the more power to you.

What’s the night without a little boom? Whether it’s a spiritual or a physical or even a metaphorical boom, well, that’s really up to your preference. I’m just the humble fellow wishing you a good time, regardless.

But I digress…and supposing you One Stoppers have sifted through my silliness and well-wishes, I’d like to kick off my return and the week with my latest submission to One Stop Poetry’s One Shot Wednesday, a tanka titled: “By the Sea“…

Sunlight on white sand

Refracted in pillowed veils

Hiding sand castles

Bronzed amidst unyielding tides

Sprouted in short-short visions.


20 thoughts on “By the Sea

  1. nice…i miss the beach man…i went interior US over the 4th and so wish i could have heard the surf…did stop at a marina on the ohio to watch the sail boats for a bit though….hope you had a great weekend man…

  2. aaahhh.. there’s castles everywhere… some of sand.. some in the air.. πŸ™‚
    I see you have been having a wonderful time, Chris… wowwiiezz!!

    Your tanka totally reminded me of the time I had once camped on a beach.. maaaaaaaaaann.. how I had loved it! And while cooking over the campfire, we had practically EATEN sand.. teehee…

  3. We built sand castles this week as well. When I say we, I mean my nine year old did. My job was to encourage her to rebuild after a friends baby continually knocked it down. “Think of it as a natural disaster and rebuild,” I told her. “Mom natural disasters don’t happen every 3 seconds!”

  4. Ahh yes have always been around the beach. A great aspect to add to ones day, although I take it for granted always having it around. Nicely written!

  5. This has a really wistful feel to it Chris. Nothing lasts forever, especially castles built of sand. There’s a depth here that unveils itself with each read. Lovelovelove ‘Refracted in pillowed veils’. Title’s clever too, not just being ‘by the sea’ but also what is washed away ‘by the sea’. Living so close to the beach I’m biased and also blessed. Nice One Shot my friend, I’ve missed you.

  6. Refracted in pillowed veils >great line, Chris. Fine tanka. I enjoy the power you have in brevity. You understand the strength of succinctness; I bow to you, Sir

  7. I know we’re visiting new faces, tonight, but I had to stop by to say that I love the sincerity with which you write. It strikes me every time I read your work. There’s such a purity to it all that keeps me coming back for more πŸ™‚

  8. That second line is just like a snapshot–and the real shot of the beach fits the poem’s mood, seeming to go on forever, yet you know as soon as the sun goes down, empty. I salute you for an excellent tanka–they are painfully hard to write (for me, anyway.)

  9. I really don’t think anyone can do short forms as well as you, how do you say so much?!? Loved this piece as I usually do your works and the lead in chat and photos made this like visiting over tea, thank you my friend always good to read your words ~ Rose

  10. Yesterday, I watched clouds, big, billowing clouds, thinking how much they resembled castles. And that thought took me straight to the beach.

    Good poem, Chris.

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