A Gambol Song

Beneath our hungry shore

between life and grass

more skin blossoms.

Leap off moon–

man is wild,

a gambol


* My latest submission for the great gathering of international poets known as One Shot Wednesday. Short but sweet, and more than little cooky to more than a few of you, I’m sure, I give unto you “A Gambol Song”, my latest bit of free verse.


21 thoughts on “A Gambol Song

  1. Hmmm..intriguing, really like the imagery ‘more skin blossoms’ – the moon imagery here, & this may just be me, you made me think both of the magical element of the moon ( ‘leap off moon’ ) but also, the more serious message about man being wild and rather reckless with this earth, and ourselves, umm..it’s almost like a reverse lunar landing, it just somehow brought man’s leap onto the moon, to my mind, & as something just wild that man did, without discernible benefit to ‘life’ and ‘the hungry shore’..so the gambol is therefore not really such a playful thing..or rather we should not gambol so lightly!

  2. Set up with the image is perfect architecture, as other I particularly found delight in the “gambol” play. Wonderful write Chris and thank you for your kind words on my piece. I always appreciate you ❤ ~Rose

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