Sunset Lovers


Image care of and copyright by Katherine Forbes.

Careful touch.

The shade takes more than hands,

its kiss—milky, fleeting

takes me to you and I am all around you,

liquid heart-spill across the peeling

paint, swirls through our darkness

and I am wondering—

is this right?

Too fleeting is the pool,

this monument of love, swirling—

it is engrained deepest in foundations,

breaks brittle at the bleating

passage of the owls,

when the sun doffs and says goodnight;

Then you and I,

and no shadows,

no sky.

We are Sunset Lovers,

we sing no sweeter

than the end.

* This piece was inspired by the above photograph – this week’s photo prompt over at One Stop Poetry for another wonderful One Shoot Sunday. The photographer is the talented Katherine Forbes, a portraiture photographer with some lovely shots, especially with children. Some great insights into the art, as well, so if you’re interested in the woman, or in taking up the photo challenge, check out my interview with her today.


15 thoughts on “Sunset Lovers

  1. Awesome Chris! Many textures, layers, and palpable poetic flow to your composition. Some excellent alliteration. You draw out the feeling of the moment incredibly well. Outstanding interview too! Cheers

  2. I’ve reread this twice and am still getting some new echoes…the anxiety and tension, the passion, all understated but plain, with a poignant finish. Nicely done, Chris.

  3. Chris,
    I LOOOOOOVE this!!!Thank you for the amazing and beautifully written words on my photo! It was an HONOR to do this interview with you and I am beyond loving reading all of the poems based on what people saw through this photo of a very happy and in love couple!
    Much respect always,

    • It was an honor and a pleasure, Katherine. I am so glad you’ve enjoyed not only my own work, but those of the other One Stop community members as well. Thank you for everything!

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