Just thoughts

Photo by (and copywrite) Greg Laychak.

It is a long hall we walk,

Reflections of decisions

Hung in windows,

Rain-spattered and sun struck

The stains of time rolling down

Like tears, never wept

In the dawning

When other voices rang

Rhythm, rhyme, reduced

Where they set us yet to roam.

Everything is painted now—

Just thoughts.


Drift Away


Photo by Lauren Randolph.


Saw me once beyond

The color and the clouds—

In hydrogen dreams it called

Imagination but a fluke.

Dancing on the sea-sky

I left it all


* My submission to this week’s edition of the One Shoot Sunday Photo Prompt, with a colorful shot from award-winning photographer Lauren Randolph. Check out my interview with her, and join in the poetry fun!

Inspired by @ChasingTao!

Reverent crystal—

The eyes look through it darkly

Raindrop hopes in green.

Silence smoothes visions.

Lapping at the sea, he bears

Life upon his tongue.

* My short submissions to this week’s edition of the One Shoot Sunday Photo Prompt, featuring a picture from One Stop’s old friend, ChasingTao. Not only am I interviewing this week though, I’m also hosting, as Dustus is out and about in New York City, along with Moondustwriter and Brian Miller, for the Shorty Awards. Be sure to put on the live stream at the Shorty Awards’ website tomorrow to see if One Stop takes home an award for the arts!

Enjoy the Show

Photo © Mike Roemer.

Smoke curls on skin,

The taste of ash in flickering den –

—Like candy, almost they –

Swill it down in cabernet, the swirl

Around me howls revelation

And they think that I’m salvation –

—Little yellow dress and a

—Come hither stare gripped –

But hunny, look again –

Everybody gets a taste, but the wine

It’s just for sipping –

—I can smile at the sensation

—But it’s just a Vegas show;

—No dipping, you dip.

My submission to the latest One Shoot Sunday Photo Prompt, with that spicy little pic provided by one Mike Roemer, a Wisconsin Photographer I interviewed for One Stop. Great guy, with some really crisp commercial photography…very high quality stuff. Have a look when you get the chance, and check out all the other poets inspired by the prompt!

And also, a writer’s note. WordPress was being uncooperative today. All lines with the “—” in them are meant to be indented. So when you’re visualizing the structure of the piece – bear that in mind.

Sunset Lovers


Image care of and copyright by Katherine Forbes.

Careful touch.

The shade takes more than hands,

its kiss—milky, fleeting

takes me to you and I am all around you,

liquid heart-spill across the peeling

paint, swirls through our darkness

and I am wondering—

is this right?

Too fleeting is the pool,

this monument of love, swirling—

it is engrained deepest in foundations,

breaks brittle at the bleating

passage of the owls,

when the sun doffs and says goodnight;

Then you and I,

and no shadows,

no sky.

We are Sunset Lovers,

we sing no sweeter

than the end.

* This piece was inspired by the above photograph – this week’s photo prompt over at One Stop Poetry for another wonderful One Shoot Sunday. The photographer is the talented Katherine Forbes, a portraiture photographer with some lovely shots, especially with children. Some great insights into the art, as well, so if you’re interested in the woman, or in taking up the photo challenge, check out my interview with her today.


By and Copyright: Trent Chau

Desolate banks

into the dawn enfold, the secret:

life runs through it

in the silence and the rush,

burrowing deep, Elysian bedrock—

there is never nothing in Wonderland.

*For One Shoot Sunday at One Stop Poetry–the prompt today is a picture by the talented Trent Chau, a Georgia-based photographer. Beautiful shot – I found the words came rushing right out of it. Check out my interview with him when you get a chance – very insightful guy!