A father’s love

Staring out the window

the old man sees the picture:

laughter and smiles, these bodies still they

tackle and break and the ball

it floats between, less a joy than a symbol

of a father’s love–

he young, to full of life and love

for dearest son–

he still the younger, laughing, adoration still

he sees this game, a day, a week

and weeps upon the broken knees,

this weary flesh–oh time, time

has rotted;

there is no game for he, this is

Life, life he shall not have, nor give,

but still he looks to the growing faces

of the life beside,

and to this image can but smile–

in that child’s eyes

a word, a look are all he needs

to know the love, the deed–

he cannot do, but love can show

in other ways–

sometimes he just needs the reminder.

Oh these regrets, such bitter things–

thank God, thank God, that child

still smiles at me.

My latest contribution to the wonderful One Shot Poetry Wednesdays! Once you’ve had a look, check out some of the other One Shot Poets as well– they’re a skilled bunch of poets, looking to form a community and support one another.  Enjoy!


25 thoughts on “A father’s love

    • Parents, grandparents…they are everything in the eyes of a child. Even if they cannot do everything that other people still can, the love shines through.

      Thanks for the comment Gay, I’m glad you enjoyed the piece!

  1. Amazing!
    The tenderness and emotions gush out… you have a way with words, Chris… a brilliant way at that!

    Me: Dad, I love ya!!!
    Dad: Love you too kiddo…
    Me: (smiles)
    Dad: (smiles back)

    This is the scene that flashed to my mind when I read your poem..
    Thanks for sharing this, C…. thank you so much!!

    • Aww, Kavita, you’re always so sweet. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it–and haha, you’re right, that’s about the sum of it. The love and the bond between parent and child–beautiful, simply beautiful.

    • I’m glad it has that special meaning to you :). This was written with my own father in mind, as well, so I know how that love goes. Thanks–and a happy one shot to you!

  2. Time and age wreaks havoc, but it’s so true – love can be shared and shown in so many ways and different ways as time takes its toll. Tender poem, beautifully written.

    • Just because the body cannot do all that another can, or all that it once might have, does not make the bonds of love between us any weaker, or the affection one has for a parent or a child any less than others’. Thank you for your kind words–I’m glad you liked it!

  3. i am sitting here on the computer with my son next to me on his..we are doing different things and yet we are together laughing and joking and enjoying each other..i just hope that this bond we have remains forever!!! this was a beautifully written piece..thanks pete

    • As do I, Pete. As do I. I’m glad you have that relationship with your son–and hope you always will. Thank you for reading, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      A happy one shot to you!

  4. sometimes he just needs the reminder.

    Oh these regrets, such bitter things–

    thank God, thank God, that child

    still smiles at me.

    um…I just teared up. shhhh…Don’t tell. I’m a TUFF girl.

    You got me with this poem, goosebumps and all. Must be something resonating inside with my own stuff…hmmmm

    • Don’t we all? Sometimes we all lose a little faith in ourselves…and that makes the reminders all the sweeter. Don’t worry about the tears. My lips are sealed. The rest of my commenters though…ehh, who knows :P.

      I’m glad this poem got to you as it seems to have. Thank you for reading and for the comment, and I wish you a wonderful week ahead!

    • It is hard to look at what others have, and long for what you cannot share…but there is no greater feeling than to know the person beside you loves you all the same, no matter what you can or cannot do. I’m glad that you enjoyed this, and that it meant something to you, Glynn. Thank you kindly for the read and the commentary!

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