I Name Thee

Sometimes trickle

sometimes flood,

time rolls

in excess

of perdition,

determinant roar

let know

the bounty

still bounds

come rain

or flame.


Blood’s key–

ruby interlay of souls

huddling warm

against beating

hearts, pains,

gaining leverage

in hope,

gold lighted

dawn, somewhere

another’s eyes.


Lover, I

name thee–

human spirit–

your touch

as everything

between shadows,

drink, feast,

soothing ash

into soil,

emerald blooming

with remembrance.

* Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope you’ve enjoyed my humble contribution to the season, and I wish you all the very best, whether an American celebrating the holiday like myself, or those of you outside the country just going about another day on the march toward a new year.

15 thoughts on “I Name Thee

  1. Not sure how much I march, I may need a little starch…haha.

    Love your use of trickle and flood, as time truly does feel like each depending upon what is going on and with the cold coming huddling warm is a good plan. Another verse of which I am a fan.

  2. A lovely poem, great use of trickling lines. Particularly liked this part:

    ‘gaining leverage

    in hope,

    gold lighted

    dawn, somewhere

    another’s eyes.’

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Chris…I think this is just a fantastic write…and while I’m still stuffed with turkey from our Thanksgiving last month, you can trust I’ll be shouting out my thanks to you and all of the dVerse crew! Happy Feasting!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. This is a really great contribution. The rapid flow, yet one easily enough slowed down, depending upon the reader, is great. I love reads where the speed of reading does play a part in the level of interpretation. The connectivity between words and lines is great. Really enjoyed your offering. Thanks

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  6. Chris I believe these words transcend the holiday and speak universally in time. Truly fell into this piece in its delicacy and imagery. Touching write my friend, all my best and my thanks again for your friendship and support. ~ Rose

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