Just a Man & a timely Senryu

No martyr, in death

A shadow on a cave wall—

A symbol stretching.

Photo by and copywrite Rosa Frei, as acquired from last week's "One Shoot Sunday."

Just a Man

Lights erupt on

paved hearts and bloodbound screams,

the sound, the roar

breathless lines in broken


no words to mark

the dust in the wind,

the starlit flag

where planes and concrete fell,

bodies gathered in the mass

scarlet bloom

the flower of a shadow

planted in the towers’ ash

strains to desert sun,

painted by the people’s rage–

rots, like any other.

* My latest contribution to One Shot Poetry Wednesdays, obviously inspired by recent events. The Senryu derived directly from my send off quote on the night of the terrorist Osama Bin Laden’s death, and “Just a Man” followed early this morning. Both pertain to symbols, to mortality, with “Just a Man” adopting an almost cautionary tone…and I hope they stir some thought in my readers.


12 thoughts on “Just a Man & a timely Senryu

  1. The Senryu was particularly stirring for me. I could see the symbol on the cave wall stretching so far that it.vanishes and I think that is a fear shared by most. I enjoyed the rich symbols in “Just a Man,” how they blended effortlessly. “…painted by the people’s rage-/rots, like any other.” Has really got me wondering. The word rots…is that condemnation or jutification? Just my wandering thoughts. Thanks for sharing.

  2. a fitting write for the week…that the flower rots in the end, as do all i apropo…nice imagery chris and echoes of a sad day that will always remain in my heart…

  3. this subject was heavy on my mind as well. this is quite stirring, and i think you did a wonderful job of expressing complicated emotions in a beautiful way.

    “no words to mark the dust in the wind,” – good stuff

  4. Your “Timely Senryu” sets an excellent tone with stark imagery. “Just a Man” …”the flower of a shadow / planted in the towers’ ash / strains to desert sun,” reminds me of shadow symbolism for death and burial. Within a barren climate, strain will fail. Life cannot be sustained with painted rage—that can only rot. Well said. An excellent write.

  5. Dust in the wind – this image gave me chills; as we know so much of that dust was made up of them…

    The way you stretched these words and images – symbols chosen so carefully – sand, blood blossom – it left no doubt how deep the emotions and how inevitable it is that one way or another – we become the sand and the dust. All that remains is what we chose to keep – be it hate or be it pride and love.

    This piece is full of movement: physical, emotional, gegraphical and even philosophical. Remarkable work, Chris. Deep, full of respect and wisdom.

  6. ‘the flower of a shadow

    planted in the towers’ ash

    strains to desert sun,

    painted by the people’s rage–

    rots, like any other.’

    So powerful and speaks to my heart

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