May Means Binary Explosions

Don’t mind the O

it’s just the last stop before the crow

spring-topped shower in all its finery

coded delicately for its binary

debut, in the showers and flowers

rising up like sandy towers

no blood where they lay,

just another seedling for the play

of petals on the fettered den

the nightly contrition of the zen

tools trailblazing incisions

into springtime’s timeless revisions—

they’d say we’re all within a trance

if our bulbous natures didn’t love to dance.

Raking out the death…

Starting off the week right, with a little haiku for you all. Hope you enjoy:

Raking out the death

bares green, reaching light of life–

Zen repetition.

This is also being put out there for the Monday Poetry Potluck, as hosted by those lovely poets Amanda and Kavita!