Temporary Down-time, but Riddles too

The Den’s going to be a little quiet for a while.

For the long Memorial weekend I am heading out to Colorado, to see my brother and sister-in-law and to spend some time hiking through the beauty of the Colorado Rockies. I absolutely adore the Rockies, though I do hope I won’t encounter any of the hail Denver experienced a day or two ago (baseball-sized, in 90 degree weather–yikes!). With any luck, though, I should emerge from the trip with a wealth of new creative works at my disposal. Nothing inspires quite like a hike through the unexplored and unfamiliar, and where I am heading, there is always more to see.

So, my friends, until Thursday I bid you all adieu, but I leave you, in the meantime, with some riddles. If you have any guesses, please feel free to post them in the commentary and I will get back to you with the actual answers when I return. Until then:

It occurs once in every minute
Twice in every moment
Yet never in a hundred thousand years.

At night, I arrive

Neither fetched nor summoned;

By day I am lost

But never stolen.

There is not wind enough to twirl
That one red leaf, nearest of its clan,
Which dances as often as dance it can.


“Give expression to the noble desires that lie in your heart.”

~Gordon B. Hinckley

Welcome, friends, to the Waking Den–a blog devoted to the hosting, review, and discussion of my myriad works. Who am I? My name is Chris, and I am a Senior Journalism Major, Philosophy minor (former English major) at Michigan State University. I have written hundreds of poems, dozens of short stories, and a novel, and am presently working on the first book in a planned trilogy. I am a writer, a reader, and an avid photographer as well. If I could draw, or paint, or do any of the many wonderful skills arrayed along that strata of creativity as well, I would, but this is what I do, and I hope that you enjoy what I have to offer.

As opposed to my other site, “The Shut-in,” which is dedicated to the reviewing of others’ creativity, I have made this site as an expression of my own. I think we all need an outlet, to grow and to flourish in the world, and I hope to make this one of mine.

What you will find here is the full range of the literary world. It is a house of my own fancy. One day I may post a poem, another a short story (or parts thereof), some may simply see extended thoughts of mine, even an essay or two, if the mood so strikes. Other days may herald a glimpse of others’ novels or stories, and an expression of my thoughts on them.

All content on this site is mine, tried and true, and I ask that you not re-use anything without permission from me, and appropriate credit given. That said, I hope to make this site as open as possible to any interested–and I encourage your discussion, your insight, and your commentary.

Vincit qui se vincit.