Pressure before Storm

There is a tingle on the wind

Like thunder in my skin

The air breathes

And the light quakes—

Shivers, breaks—

Such force is this!

This sudden heat,

This fireless heat

That beckons from the clouds.

The world elates to hear

The fury of its passing.

The First of a Trilogy

Today, I believe I’m going to go for the short-but-sweet method of writing. I am proud to say three Haikus will be making their appearance today. Not my normal stuff, but it’s nice to change it up every now and then. Normally I have such trouble ceasing the flow and restricting it to such a level, but I was of a mood last night and these were what came of it. I hope you all enjoy:

Bring on the thunder;

The gathering cloud and storm

Bares the soul to all.



There has been a lot of rumbling throughout the South of late. From Haiti to Chile to Mexico, the earth seems determined to quake, and it is this particular brand of nature’s wrath that has inspired this poem:

First the rumble

Then the roar

Tumble, tumble

Tried and tore.

World is spinning

Dizzied drunk

Sanity set to shaking—

No stoic monk.

Screaming rock

And tearing earth

Shocked flock

Stripped of mirth.