Guest Posts and Going to Mars with Maven!

Image of Mars showing northern Drylands (ochre...

Image of Mars. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello all, and happy Tuesday! It’s a hot one out there (85 by 10:00, which does not make for a happy Chris), so I do hope you’re all keeping cool, or at least keeping sane.

I have two things for you today. First of all, I’m participating in the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Studies (Mouthful? Yes. Awesome? Also yes.) of the University of Colorado in Boulder’s “Going to Mars with Maven” contest. What do all those words mean? It means I wrote a haiku for them that has a chance to be sent into space, spiraling toward the Red Planet. Click on the poem below to go over there and vote if you like what you see!

Red lay our passion
from time immemorial
the drive for starlight.

Help me achieve a dream of Haiku in space! I am, after all, just a humble terrestrial-bound writer, but for my words to be able to bound free as such…well, suffice to say, the head would swell with the distinct majesty of it.

Second: Guest Posting!

I’m doing the rounds this morning over at the White Picket Fence blog, a delightful culture blog for the young and restless (Hello fellow Millennials) as run by, in their own words, “three women in our 20s slowly going crazy.” They discuss the challenges of youth and the struggles with disillusionment, as well as the changing battles for success in the modern world (among many other timely current issues). My friend Lane, one of those wonderful ladies, sent me the invitation earlier this month and I could hardly resist.

What am I talking about over there? Well, as much as I’m inclined to say “Read and find out!” I also realize one needs to throw a bone here and there. Suffice to say, I’m discussing some of the travails of being a writer and a young Millennial in this crazy modern world of ours. It’s a bit heavy, but it comes from the heart, discussing many of the challenges I’ve found myself facing.

Link: A Writer’s Worry.

If you find yourself in an air-conditioned room, hiding from the great outdoors, take a time to check these things out—but most importantly, tell the sun to take it down a notch, alright?