Once it’s Gone

Nothing’s ever meant to be

Once it’s Gone.

Only when we dream

in white horses and technicolor dreamcoats

does the voice sound like Jesus

as he kisses down our backs–

it’s fire, hope, a cross reaching–

cracking, cracks

When it’s Gone.

We never think of horizons

beyond the storms.


For Easter

Do you know the story of the Easter Bells in Europe? Throughout the year, Europe is set to the ringing of the bells, save the Christian Good Friday and Holy Saturday. It is a token of mourning. Yet on Easter day they ring out once more, as a celebration of their savior’s resurrection. On this day, millions of people are set to celebration across the world.

Accordingly, this first quote of the week is in honor of the Easter weekend.

I think of the garden after the rain;

And hope to my heart comes singing,

“At morn the cherry-blooms will be white,

And Easter bells be ringing!”

~Edna Dean Procter, Easter Bells