Women and the Big Screen Medium

Hello followers. Obviously, if you’re here, you have a bit of interest in media. Tell me: you like film, don’t you? You’re on the Internet, aren’t you? So, have you ever wondered about the inequality of gender on screen?

Segues, right?

The New York Film Academy released a fascinating infographic recently that I wanted to bring to your attention. Now, while many have discussed the roles/interaction of men and women with the big screen, what renders this new bit of information interesting is that it takes the topic of gender in film and puts it into an easily comprehensible, somewhat staggering (and decidedly unsettling) point-by-point walkthrough of the actual numbers that show great insight into how women are treated in the film industry.

As a creative sort myself, and a big connoisseur of all things film-related, I found this fascinating. So I present it without further adieu below.


If you want to read the accompanying article, just click the infographic itself and you will be re-routed. Share! Get the word out! See if you can make an impact.