Fire-side Harmony

Fire-lit we see

the bliss that lay beneath the sea

for harmony is a shifter thing

a hope no mortal hands can bring—

that we, coddled in the blanket bliss

can only paddle glimpses soon to miss;

we lack the fins, the constitution

to see the ease be shunned.

Martel and van Over have friends for dinner an...

Fireplace. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Elemental Elation

Bear me up

Rustling cavalcade of coalescing

Music rush, on tempo speed

These breaths across my skin.

The harmony

Of your exultation

Gives me strength

Beneath my wings.

Crystal flow

Caress and coax

The resolution of my being,

Dive down into the deep.

Crash upon

The shores of apathy

And stir upon us yet the storms

That break inequity.


Quivering motions elate

To find the kiss, the touch of motion

In the sensuous sway of your dance.

No hands

Could ever hold thy hips

This beat, thunder of thy solitary

Moment, unbidden.


Rampart revelry of life

Shield yet the passions of hope,

A dream of majesty.


Mother-being enfold

The world in thy being:

Ground this flighty soul.

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