Fiction Crowd Issue One is now LIVE!

Fiction Crowd Issue One is now LIVE!

There’s something you may have gotten from this website so far.

Or my novels.

Or my short stories.

Or the (dear sweet lord, have you SEEN how many poems I’ve flung against the walls here) myriad of other scribbles I’ve tossed to the wind.

That something is this: I like to write. What’s more, I love the act of writing. Creation. Not only do I craft, I consume. My reading is oft akin to devouring, though nothing on the level of my father (who probably averages a full length book a day for his reading pleasure). As such, I’m always looking for new methods of expression and new activities to lose myself in.

Fiction CrowdIf you’ve been hovering about my Twitter, you will probably have noticed recent references to a site called Fiction Crowd–or at least the Patreon dedicated to helping it go live.

Well, the day has come and the FIRST ISSUE IS OUT. Founder Hayley Morgan has poured her heart and soul into this project and has cobbled together a great collection of contributors. I am likewise on deck, with a segment called “Modern Gods,” which, being aptly named, is about the new, contemporary pop culture deities on the block, and the adulation that has given them form. From Clouds to Coffee and the elusive Burning Man, this short but sweet section is looking for its new adherents.

Of course, Modern Gods, like all of Fiction Crowd, is also looking for more contributions–and I mean of the literary sort. Wish to join the Pantheon? You’re more than welcome to submit your own suggestions for 21st century lesser deities and even stories, if some of these figures’ myths and legends have captivated your fancy!

But before I get much further, I think we need to talk about…

What IS Fiction Crowd?

In the site’s own words:

“It is a literary journal, a writers’ hub, a playground full of imaginary worlds, a creators’ collage and a hive of disorganized minds.
It is a multiverse of multifiction.
It is a place to read, write and imagine, to inspire and be inspired, where story narratives are shaped by audience participation or built in pieces by different authors.”

Are you ready to join the crowd or not?