AS FEATHERS FALL to launch this month

That’s right, gentle readers, there’s no illusion or misdirection in that title.

It has been a bumpy ride this past year, and I’m sure after the forced delay at the end of last year, some of you probably thought AS FEATHERS FALL was going to be a non-starter. Well, I always finish what I start, and chaos or no chaos, the metaphorical ducks have been gotten into a row and soundly chastised until they met my terms. Essentially: I had a series to conclude, and I had done my part; I wasn’t about to let the world’s mayhem step in the way.

Alright, that probably didn’t make much sense, but you know what does? RELEASE DATES.

AS FEATHERS FALL will be kicking off Spring this year on March 20 in both print and e-book, finishing off The Haunted Shadows trilogy for some and hopefully introducing new readers to the series as well. In the end, it actually clocked in a bit shorter than its predecessors, but I assure you it’s no less epic in its fantasy scope for that.

Given the nature of this season, of course, there will probably still be snow on the ground come that springtide kickoff, so you can probably read your way through between longing glances out the window, waiting for the sun to return.

I don’t think I need to tell you that I love stories. I devour them when I’m not crafting them. The journey that has led to this point has seen a lot of love, but also its share of hardships, and I don’t think I’ll shock and appall anyone in saying it didn’t all go as planned. I have always wanted the double life—the day job and the literary nights—and I think I have managed that in what I’m going to call success.

Since college, I’ve written three books, dozens of short stories, and hundreds of poems. Some have been published. Some are still in the process. Some lurk in the shadows, waiting for their chance. My point? The Haunted Shadows series has been a hell of a journey for me, and I doubt it will be my last foray into the world of Lecura (For Flying Spaghetti Monster’s sake, I still have to put out the Company of the Eagles short stories too!). It’s just the beginning of my literary expedition, though.

It’s my pleasure to bring AS FEATHERS FALL to you, and I hope you enjoy it, and if you do, are kind enough to share your thoughts with me, or at the very least, cast them into the great wilds of the wily Internet. Brings what the fandom folks call, “The Feels,” you know?

AS FEATHERS FALL will be available March 20 in both print and e-book form.

Lift-off with New Frontiers!

New FrontiersGreetings, gentle readers!

Today’s a special day! Yes, it’s Tuesday, but it’s also a release day! Not the next novel, I’m sad to say–though the final chapter of the Haunted Shadows trilogy is coming along nicely–but a short story for your good, cheap fun style perusal. (Note: for the trollers among you, I am not, in fact, good cheap fun…but this bit of sci-fi is.) Some of you may remember “New Frontiers” in an earlier incarnation. Well, it has been tightened up, edited and remastered, and now it has been repackaged in its own shiny form for e-book distribution. Grand Celestia has been kind enough, in the meanwhile, to coincide a Super Moon with the release. Seriously, you can read by that thing at night.

“New Frontiers” also has a shiny tag on the inside, for which I am grateful: an Unfettered Books selection. They’re quality people, those Unfettered folks, and I tip my hat to their efforts in redistribution.

Here’s the relevant links so that you might snag your own copy (for just $0.99!) — a link that comes with a rather broad smile and a most lofty salute to anyone who decides to take the plunge into the depths of space with me, and learn a bit about where privatized exploration just might take us.

Amazon (US) 

Amazon (UK)

Special thanks to anyone who takes the time to share these links today. May the week find you well!

Hollow March Ebook Giveaway!

Announcement time!

As many of you know, this weekend includes the day of Mothers, or at least the United States version. It also includes a lesser known holiday, much more compact and dedicated to many less shinies than the former: my birthday. While I’m not a big pusher of my own holiday bliss, it did seem a good time to take the opportunity for a giveaway, so here I am with writer’s cap in hand.

All weekend long, eBook copies of my fantasy novel, The Hollow March, will be free to anyone interested in revenge-filled, character-raging, backstabbing, magic-dealing (can you even handle that many qualifiers?) literary goodness. Copies can be picked up through Amazon, and with luck, if there’s some book love going on there, the lovers will kindly poke other lovers of fantasy, or some fantasy loving mothers, and so on and so forth, starting a chain reaction of poking that either overload and implodes Facebook (sorry Facebook), or puts a smile on one little writer’s face.

Need a reminder what it’s all about? Check out The Hollow March-dedicated page on the right side of the screen.

And if you need any gift ideas, I’ll let you in on a time-honored secret among writers: reviews are the best method to a fellow’s heart.

For those unclear, that would be this book.

Meanwhile, the first stage edits from my editor (For the sequel, At Faith’s End), are nearly all integrated now, and that just leaves a couple more beta readers and another round of editing (consequently, I’ll be seeing Mr. Hartley again this weekend), between my side of that literary venture and completion. Is it time to start thinking cover art once again? Most probably. Stay tuned.

There will probably another arms flailing reminder of the giveaway on Friday, but I’m told it’s good to plan ahead. And now I leave, as ever, at your mercy, oh gurus of the Internet.