A Holiday Bow; A New Year’s Scribblesaurus Rex

“I do not hesitate to maintain that what we are conscious of is constructed out of what we are not conscious of–that our whole knowledge, in fact, is made up of the unknown and incognisable.” ~Sir William Hamilton, Lectures on Metaphysics

Now the holidays can truly begin. Thank you, world. You’re truly filled with lovely people!

‘Tis the season. Saturnalia or Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Festivus or what you will–as the year draws to a close, the world gives itself to party, to merriment and reflection, wonder and hope of the days to come. It’s an interesting time of the year, to be sure.

After today, I’m probably going to be disappearing until after those holidays. It’s nothing personal, I assure you: to all those that have given your support, be it through likes, engagement, or the mere honor of a read-through, I cannot express enough my gratitude. You are the reason I write (you know, my own sanity and status as a scribblesaurus rex aside). You are the reason I shall continue to write, even when things descend into darkness and the stars dare to hide within.

I will be back after the New Year. And it is a time for which I can join the world in saying I am eager.

This year has had its ups and downs. My heart has swelled to new limits, been tested incontrovertibly through words both written and uttered, and I have grown–grown far from the creature I have spent too long thinking I would always become. Milestone: Depression was battled, and thanks to the help I had always denied, was beaten with a stick into its corner. I came out with another book. And next year, I hope to emerge with a third. I have returned to Michigan. Climbed mountains. Met new friends that have taught me new things about that aspect of life–and, truly, about myself.

I have invested in my own growth, and I sincerely hope you have all taken a moment this year to do the same. Just as I hope you will take these last days of the year to dwell on all that you could still do.

See you soon. Don’t forget my characters and I; we’ll be back before you know it.

(P.S. If you really want to help someone out this year, might I recommend a fellow writer’s efforts to that end? D.A. Adams is currently running a collection from now until the end of the month to aid a family in financial need. And you yourself will get some fine literature out of the arrangement. Even if you can’t give, it’s worth spreading the word. Food for thought!)

Homeless Holidays

Too often this time of year, it is habit and standard to think of those closest to our hearts, those we love and cherish and hold above all others. We think of those presents we wish to give them, the smiles on their faces. We think of the cheer on their faces and let it become the holiday, and that is beautiful, and good.

But in that process, we often forget the others – those people that do not have the luxury of that cheer. This is not a wholesale judgment of others, for I recognize the tendency in myself as well – it is only natural, but we must force ourselves to face reality, to turn our minds and our hearts beyond our own.

To that note, for this Christmas Eve I grant a more solemn contribution to the season, the reality of the above:

Carolers sing out,

cheer static smothers cardboard

hides the ringing cups.

This season, just remember, as you are opening gifts and trading smiles with those you care about, that there are others, much less fortunate than we, who will not experience that joy. There are those with naught but memories of these things, and some that have never gotten to experience that holiday joy…please, keep them in your thoughts as well.