Enjoy the Show

Photo © Mike Roemer.

Smoke curls on skin,

The taste of ash in flickering den –

—Like candy, almost they –

Swill it down in cabernet, the swirl

Around me howls revelation

And they think that I’m salvation –

—Little yellow dress and a

—Come hither stare gripped –

But hunny, look again –

Everybody gets a taste, but the wine

It’s just for sipping –

—I can smile at the sensation

—But it’s just a Vegas show;

—No dipping, you dip.

My submission to the latest One Shoot Sunday Photo Prompt, with that spicy little pic provided by one Mike Roemer, a Wisconsin Photographer I interviewed for One Stop. Great guy, with some really crisp commercial photography…very high quality stuff. Have a look when you get the chance, and check out all the other poets inspired by the prompt!

And also, a writer’s note. WordPress was being uncooperative today. All lines with the “—” in them are meant to be indented. So when you’re visualizing the structure of the piece – bear that in mind.