National Poetry Month & a Novelicious Preview

AtFaithsEndIt occurs to me that it has been some time since I had an update on my novelicious progress–which is to say, an update on “As Feathers Fall,” the third and final novel in my Haunted Shadows fantasy trilogy. At the same time, it’s National Poetry Month. As a writer, I should be focused; quite the conundrum that leaves me in. Fortunately, I have just the solution.

Oh, I’m still going poetic on you all, but this time it also happens to be an excerpt from chapter 6 of the novel. Faithful readers: can you guess who might be pondering, and whom they might be pondering about?

In ebon hour

all men know the baker’s power

the rite of life

beyond, betwixt, by edge of knife—

a magic notwithstanding

a birthing in the powdered breathing

where hand, on hand, the flesh

commits by blind and dust enmesh

salvation in creation:

solidifying by fiery consumption.

More updates will be forthcoming in time! Stay patient! Stay strong!

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