Mr. Philosophos

Mr. PhilosophosI am the way.


beyond the knowing


–       wisdom

–                       as such

for learning is love

but loving its possession–

–       sophos

–                     self

the search yearns

breathes and breeds but


–                   9/10s

–                               nothing

We are on the way

or we, drifting in the ripples

are nothing but


–               answers

–                               drunk.


6 thoughts on “Mr. Philosophos

  1. flavored answers drunk… learning is love… and love again teaches us…makes us willing to learn? i think the big things are connected with each other in one or the other way

  2. learning is love and loving its possession…an interesting line that made me stop and think
    i am one that would rather be on the way than floating along, but there is a time for each

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