The Hollow March 2.0

Hollow March eBook Cover 2I said it was coming. I hope you were listening when I did.

As January draws to a close, I’m pleased to announce the latest print run (shiny new editions, filled with edits, new information, and…things *spirit fingers*) of The Hollow March is now live through retailers. I even put the name of the third (*gasp* Yes, there’s a third) book in The Haunted Shadows series within its tender pages.

So while this announcement may not make for a strictly new work, the fantasy bandwagon isn’t always filled with mountaintop shouts of new dragons on the horizon. But the dragon’s circled around again in inky new clarity, and I hope you enjoy this latest edition of my debut work. If you like, don’t forget that the sequel is out there too, and ready to be digested. (And don’t forget, Dragons prefer to digest their meals with ketchup.)

Thank you once again for all your support. The journey continues, but it never could have begun without the wonderful support I have received from you all!


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