Road under Broken Wings

John Everett Millais, "Autumn Leaves".

John Everett Millais, “Autumn Leaves”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We met in days of graying gold

When dust should rise and dust should fall

And some fair mortal hope scampered bird-like along a road,

Borne on weighted winds no one could hold.


Years later we would find

At every twisting of the path

A certain comradery in the faded kind

Of broken wings too proud for wrath.


And though we had no coin to share

And too long, each, in winter fear expend

With horizon clear and air set upon a prayer

We shall yet know ourselves to be worthy of a friend.

* Footnote: The words are there, the path is set before me–I would not say this is a final piece as yet, but a work in the right direction. I welcome any commentary you may have upon it, for it came plucked unbidden from my thoughts just this morning, and shall yet by evening’s light be honed, I think.

8 thoughts on “Road under Broken Wings

  1. “We met in days of graying gold…”
    This sets a visual tone for the piece, and takes one back through time. It reads like a classic piece of poetry written long ago. For me, it completes a circle: meeting in youth, then meeting again years later—
    “And too long, each, in winter fear expend”
    but still knowing, still feeling that special camaraderie, that friendship felt when first met. This is lovely.

  2. I love the human humility in this, small as we are, fleeting, expendable — “grey gold”, as autumn is, but gold nonetheless.

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