Glossary of Pet Names

By request, and out of a bit of this writer’s silliness, today’s posting is a composition of many of the various little…shall we say, pet names…from my book series, The Haunted Shadows. Be they character to character, or referencing some of the overarching groups and figures that dominate the political landscape, the fact is, people will be people. They like to have fun. And certainly my own work can’t be so dark all the time.

If you’re one of my readers (and thank you for that honor, by the by), and you notice I’ve missed any, please feel free to chip in with a few of your own that you’ve noticed here or there.

  1. Es—Rurik Matair’s pet name for his friend Essa.
  2. Ru—Essa and Usuri’s pet name for Rurik.
  3. Roo—Essa’s pet name for her cousin, Rowan. Much to his lasting distaste, and frequent threats.
  4. Zu-zu—Essa’s Pet Name for Usuri. Not that she would ever use it to her face. Magical mayhem has a habit of inducing that particular bit of sensibility.
  5. Chi-chi—Essa’s mocking name for Chigenda; only says it to Rurik, lest a spear come unbidden into her backside. When she was asleep.
  6. Dust knight—the established name for the “ronin,” as it were, of Marindis. Masterless knights, they have been growing in frequency with the number of wars throughout the continent–be they men that have been displaced of their lands by these wars, young sons without inheritance, or, as is popularly believed, mere sellswords simply claiming the title of knights for their own sense of satisfaction.
  7. Bloody Friars—popular mocking name for the Inquisition, in jest of their work. This has become especially popular in Idasia, where a high population of Faren “heretics” has left a great distaste for the Inquisition’s work–which often involves the torture or “extraction” of confessions from those they deem to be undesirables. Though rarely involved in outright murder–without the consent of local nobility–they have a history of roughness in their manner, by the orders of a particularly zealous Patriarch.
  8. The Bastard–In Idasia, this title applies to one man and one man alone. While there are many bastards (and of the Emperor, certainly), the man known as “the” Bastard is Kyler Tessel, the eldest of these unfortunately born children. A general in the Imperial army and one of the closest advisers to his father, he is of particular distaste to Idasia’s extensive nobility–both for the reminder of what he is, and his zealous nature.
    Also popular: “Ser Bastard,” and “the Black Seed.”

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