Michigan at Sunset.

Moonlit October,

silver remnants in the fog, the misty air

wrinkled by the drip

of swelling rivers, drunken lakes

which feed the tears

a lone wolf cries from the river bed.

Coyotes yip nervous cooperation

about the scent we heave,

fear of the bear baring our skin.

As we lie in our tent,

we listen to the trickle,

wonder if this place could survive

a Wolverine.

13 thoughts on “Together

  1. Nature can be such a blessing and so serene… you brought me there to the lake.. I would love a moonlit night in a tent by the lake.. Have once experienced waking up to the full moon believing it was morning and time to go up… wonderful memories your words brought back

    • It is quite an experience, from the first to the last–though easily harmed by any number of factors, I will confess. A horde of RVs showing up anywhere in the vicinity certainly among them. Once you’ve been truly a part of nature like that, though, in all its beauty, under the full moon or the light of day, at a certain point one does have to wonder: when did the majority turn to choose their backs on THIS?

      I’m so glad it could bring back memories for you. That it could stir something personal. I don’t think there’s any greater honor for a writer.

    • Alas, for as many aspects of this state as take the Wolverine as their sigil, there’s no actual wolverines here for this state to survive! It might have survived the people…but the animal didn’t. And honestly, in regards to your wonder, I’d have to say, as disconnected as most people are today…I really don’t think most could survive long term in the wilderness, no.

  2. Chris, this was a nice poem that reminded me a bit of the James Dickey poem “In the Mountain Tent.” Anyone who has been camping will totally get the Dickey poem and yours … that sense of lying awake hearing the night sounds around us can be magical. Thanks for sharing.

    • I confess before your commentary I had not actually read any of Dickey’s work. That said, a comparison like that piques the curiosity; I scurried across the lanes of the internet post-haste to indulge, and was given quite a lot of beautiful food for thought for the effort. As I sit back and smile, I’m all the more awed that you would compare my humble piece to such as that; thank you for swinging through and expanding my own poetic library as you did!

      It is indeed astounding the magic and wonder most of us are so cut off from on a daily basis–it can be downright jarring, the first time one experiences such a night in the wild.

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