In the Beginning


Génesis (Photo credit: ‘J’)

Common is the misperception

God broke the Darkness with the Sunlight and the Trees.

More accurate to say the World’s conception

began with Words:

“Let There Be Light” was simply

Nature’s Poetry.


(Hello all! If there are any Fantasy lovers amongst you poetry people, I would also recommend checking out my announcement from earlier this week. At Faith’s End, the sequel to The Hollow March, has just been published and is now live! Check it out if some of the shiny bits and pieces on this site catch your fancy.)


5 thoughts on “In the Beginning

  1. You knownow I think this is true as God is poetry as far as I see..and the word is the expression of that light as far as I see without eyes…

    But..interestingly this concept is as old as words itself it seems…

    In fact the linked text here is most interesting to me…

    As the ancient words of wisdom are designed and discussed as such in the link here..that you might find interesting…and I intuit I would be amiss not to share if you have not already come across these interesting writing by this very interesting man..if one wills..

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