Bringing Color to the Cover

Behold! I have seen the glory of the coming of the artwork, and though its ways may be mysterious to a lowly writer like myself (whose contenders for most notable scribble most assuredly include a stick figure horse), I have found sufficient luck in this life to be blessed with a skilled artist.

In the past, I’ve waxed philosophic on the qualities that make for good cover art. And as ever, I want to take the time to thank my accommodating artist, Matthew Watts, for his skill and speed with a computer and a brush. When an idea crosses the man’s path, he can surely run with it, and take it to all sorts of delightful ends (and if last week’s cover art extravaganza didn’t prove that to you, you’re cold inside. Bitterly cold.). He listened to my own insights and produced many of his own, and pursued doggedly idea into action.

As you may recall, this is the piece we settled on:

© Matthew Watts 2013.

© Matthew Watts 2013.

But that was the bones of the thing. First comes the notion, then the boundaries, then the color and the detail that give the thing life. Draft-hopping, as it were. And like dipping one’s hands in the primordial ooze, each draft grants a vision of evolving life.

If that was the birthing, this is childhood—the transition from when the idea meets the page to when the idea has truly gained an identity of its own. And even in this, you can see it’s going to be a beauty.


© Matthew Watts 2013.

Quite the development, no? We’re going for a notable difference from the stark, winter-fueled chaos of the previous book. The change of season factors fairly heavily into the book, and with spring coming, that means color—colored thoughts, colored scenery, and thusly, Matt went for a more lively color scheme, to soothe and tempt the eyes, where the other lured with its sense of foreboding (And before you ask, no, the cover is not in red–this was another draft; as I said, the transition before the final. Next week I shall unveil that, to suitably stun and awe and hopefully get some love on).

I also opted out of the full picture wrap-around for front and back this time around, exchanging, for the back, something a little more reminiscent of the book’s war aspects, while also providing an easy setting for the text. (Which–also don’t mind the text. It’s presently using the summary from The Hollow March, here, because at this stage in the process the summary had still been a work in progress!)

Additionally, I’d like to take this time to update you on the release of At Faith’s End! Mark your calendars: 2 months out is what we’re looking at, putting us up for an early October release. Tell your friends and get interest generated early; I couldn’t have done anything without you kindhearted readers that decided to take a chance on me!

(And if you want to keep up to date on all potential announcements related to the Haunted Shadows series, or simply join the discussion with other people, be sure to check out the Facebook Page yonder. Yonder I say!)

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