A Brush with Covers: The Final Countdown

Today is the grand unveiling: the chosen one, as it were. Though the art has gone through the long walk to fleshed and colored perfection since this, the piece that follows is the rough draft from Matthew Watts that won my heart and secured its place as the cover art for my second (upcoming) novel, At Faith’s End.

© Matthew Watts 2013.

© Matthew Watts 2013.

Why? The style, I found, was most consistent with what we ended up going for in The Hollow March, the first book in the series. Yet consistency was hardly the only factor. While others spoke to moments–a chaotic battle, the gripping devastation of war itself, the struggle toward a path–this one, I found, best captured the full scope of the book. It combines the nature–the wild–with those elements of the urban, and maintains the lonely, almost voyeuristic feel of one looking in–finding himself apart. And the lone swordsman figure does have its roots in that heavily fantasy background! That said, the level of detail, even at this early stage, also gripped me right off the bat.

It is, in short, the very essence of what I could desire, and particularly once the color started to be added, this piece truly shone. But you’ll see more of what I mean in that regard in the week to come.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the walk down cover art lane. Have you enjoyed it? Do you agree with my choice, or did you prefer one of the others? I’d love to hear your thoughts if you’d be willing to share them. And as I’ve said before, if you HAVE enjoyed them, be sure to check out their creator, Matthew Watts. He’s a wonderfully skilled, incredibly efficient artist out of the UK. Professional to the core, with a creative mind to match. I cannot endorse him enough.

Plus, if you missed the other works in this series, take a few moments out of your day and peruse the blog. There has been one every day this week, and they’re worth the trip. Stay tuned for more At Faith’s End-related musings in the weeks to come as well, as we get closer to release (the aim is September/October of this year).

(And if you want to keep up to date on all potential announcements related to the Haunted Shadows series, or simply join the discussion with other people, be sure to check out the Facebook Page yonder. Yonder I say!)


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