A Brush with Covers

Alternative title: On the Path to Finality; Starting it Rough.

In which I play the part of a reasonably regular blogger. Don’t let it throw you for too much of a loop.

This week, the book portions of the site’s labors are being dedicated to the artistic side of the process. The cover art of At Faith’s End, I’m proud to say, has recently progressed into its final stages, thanks to the efforts of the wonderful returning artist, Matthew Watts. For those of you that read The Hollow March, he was the one that handled both the original and the second edition covers, in truly marvelous fashion.

From day one I’ve said I have been blessed to have found him as an artist. Quick, professional, and the quality, well–the quality speaks for itself! If you haven’t seen his portfolio yet (and if I haven’t made it clear already), he comes highly recommended, and I advise you to scurry off to his site as soon as possible.

That said, in honor of his efforts, every day this week I will be posting a snapshot of one of the rough drafts that paved the way (or what might have been) to the final we’ve spent recent days discussing. And with that, I give you the first…


© Matthew Watts 2013.

But Chris, you say, he gave you SEVEN different roughs to choose from? While I admire the math skills that went into that, no, actually–Matthew was kind enough (or cruel enough, depending on how you look at it–given how hard it was for me to choose which one I liked best) to provide 17 different rough covers in the first stage of our process. I’ll simply be sharing 7–and next week, talking a bit more about the process of development.

So be sure to keep tuning in: many a pretty picture awaits!


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