Rough Covers and Nature’s Would-be Bounties

Today is a mixed bag for me. Truly. Thus I shall put forth the week’s announcements in a bad-good-bad-good format.

There are those times sees your plans and tells you this instead.

There are those times sees your plans and tells you this instead.

Let me begin by saying this little author was supposed to be mucking it through the wild this weekend, camped along a lake shore, in a land of naught but dirt and trees and lake shore. You will surely note, in posting this, I am not actually doing that. Alas. Implosions were had. Things did not quite pan out.

At the same time, for those that might have missed my moment of squee on social media outlets earlier this week: Artwork! Which is to say, Cover Art. As in, the talented Matthew Watts has deposited a host of inspiring roughs for the cover of “At Faith’s End” in my inbox. No less than SEVENTEEN different selections to ponder. His speed and talent both continue to amaze. I can’t share at this point, lest the picking process become biased, but when I can put up a preview I shall, and in the meanwhile, BIG DECISIONS. Also: check out his blog. It is filled with wonderful artwork and you should surely commission him for more things. Or all the things. Your call.

In the meanwhile, enjoy this blatant non-sequiter of a gryphon. You shall see more of them in the novel.


Gryphon (Photo credit: Atelier Teee)

A friend and fellow writer’s heart has broken with a loss no heart, large or small, should ever have to face…and it is breaking my own to watch the shadows seep across hands so accustomed to the feverish lightness the world can bring, and darken a smile from which energy was born to spring eternal. Death never touches but the dying and the dead. It has a grievous tendency to consume the light around it.

A new page shall be opening on the blog later this weekend. It shall involve potentially helpful services for fellow writers. Keep your eyes peeled…it may well sneak up on you.

And to end on a hopeful, creative note for you all, a touch of haiku:

Scattering moonlight
the weight of the world eclipsed
in her waking smile.


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