Modern Silhouettes

Silhouette d'Orsay

Silhouette d’Orsay (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Her shape emerged in a silhouette of soot

backfiring mufflers grating out the battle cry

bards once offered up with flowers

yet shapes hazed maintain a petalled fall

not lost, but shifting

with the flutter of the easterwind.


8 thoughts on “Modern Silhouettes

  1. nice tactile imagery in this chris…the silhouette of soot/backfire/grating/petalled fall/flutter…all words well together…nice contrast and all from her shape eh? really good to see you man, you doing well? smiles.

    • Too true! I was trying to get a very modern capture of things–too often we fall back to the ever so antiquated (not necessarily because they’re untrue, but simply because they’re what we know, they’re what has been established as working…) descriptions. I wanted a sense of contrast. It’s not what you go in expecting–but that doesn’t make it any less true. This dainty, pristine image–it shouldn’t be the fall back image anymore. There’s so much more to be found there.

      I’m doing well, Brian, and thanks for swinging by. Felt good to submit something to Dverse again, after so long!

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