Too Much, Too Quick

Apparently technology knows when you’re back on a horse, reaching for stars (in this analogy I suppose the horse would also have to be a Pegasus, but I’m actually alright with that). After a very sorry attempt of a southern trek Friday, having encountered horrendous roads and some nasty bits of lake effect snow, I returned this weekend and burrowed myself in some more writing. Encountered big scary words last night, in the midst of said writing.

It was everyone’s favorite: Hard Drive Crash.

Not just any old affair, either: it was blue screen of death quality. While most things (remain) relatively intact, in checking through my external memory bits, I have found a number of major things that did not survive. Anything accomplished in the last 3 weeks, for example. Thank goodness I sent out copies of At Faith’s End on Friday, for example–otherwise half the edits would be lost to the darkness. All the new writings I had begun, notes, ideas, as well as dear sweet Photoshop, and the most recent copy of my resume.

That, suffice to say, hurts. A lot. It’s not as bad as it could be, but for someone that’s been struggling with writer’s block and a fitful, uphill struggle in general with their creativity for a while now…it’s still disastrous. Religious folks might take it for a sign, I suppose. Divine or Alien presence trying to tell me something.

Well. I’ll no doubt head back to the drawing board. But those ideas are gone. I’m wavering and reeling and it’ll take a bit. I’ll go back, but for a while, blogosphere (and I know we were just getting to know one another again), I’m probably going to recede.

Here’s hoping your week’s starting off better than this silly little scribbler’s.



8 thoughts on “Too Much, Too Quick

  1. read your latest post first, then your poem and lastly this post ~ i am VERY glad to hear things were on the upswing on many fronts and i hope that is still the case. i’ve been dealing with physical “limitations” {code for the medical establishment has no idea of what’s causing the problem or how to treat it effectively}, writer’s block and computer problems {some caused by my own errors} plus family problems so i can really relate, especially to the stress level.

    as for backing up, i have a poet friend who hand writes EVERYthing in binders; then makes a word document; then does his blog post and has two external hard drives with everything backed up onto them. i don’t know how often he backs up, but i can’t afford the external hard drives and don’t have the time or energy for writing out everything by hand and doing a word document. Oh, and he has everything in a cloud backup that he pays for.

    WordPress says they do backups, Norton does online backups, i do windows backups plus Norton back ups to dvd’s which i try to stagger so they’re at least every two weeks, but, as you say, two weeks can be a lot to lose. now i’m also copying to a 32GB flash drive quite frequently. i’ve got another online backup option i’m paying for but haven’t set up yet. {i keep forgetting i have it.} unless we keep backup copies in the cloud or off-premises, we’re still not fully protected. i’m more paranoid about viruses and malware.

    i love technology unless it f**ks up. {smile}

    i really hope things keep getting better for you, Chris. take care and never give up!

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