Ideas: The Race to Completion

Distraction, distraction, distraction—




Having a touch of ADHD, my mind has the unfortunate knack for bouncing around in a thousand different directions at one time. Ideas are a plentiful harvest, but they’re as distracting as they are engaging. It becomes hard to sift through, to settle down, and address a single point.

Relevance: I want to finish writing At Faith’s End. After that, I know I need to get to the third and final chapter of that saga, but I may need to take a little break before I pop into that little scene. Idea overload, and if I don’t get some of them at least started on paper, my brain is likely to reach critical mass and internal combustion, I am told, is an incredibly unproductive way to approach any day.

So. At Faith’s End is very nearly done. On my initial end, anyhow. Beta readers, editors, keep your eyes open—it’s coming at you soon. Curiously, it came out a good bit shorter than the first—though I imagine that’s probably better by most estimations. The wordiness—I do have a knack for it.

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But I also have another novel in mind. Not in Lecura (the same world as this Haunted Shadows trilogy). Not even fantasy. Probably overplayed but—apocalyptic. As in, still happening, not post. And no, there would be no radioactive zombies. It would take place in America, though vague on specific settings. Main character? Probably a sniper. Thoughts? Concerns? Pleas of: oh God, Chris, no?

There are also some short stories I need to get around to tidying up, possibly more relevant to any fantasy interests out there—the short stories The Haunted Shadows is based on, actually. The Company of the Eagles. As you can probably guess, it’s a little more focused on who it followed, each is sort of serialized adventure-wise, but taken together paint the whole of around a year in Rurik Matair’s exile. It would likely be released in two collections.

And that’s for starters. I want to write scifi. I know this. I want to dig my hands in and mold that side of my imagination a little more—novellas, another novel, lord, but I do love to get off track.

It’s a curse. Somehow, it probably ties into the fact that I’m so very good at reading that it can be a distraction to the writing.

Snowpocalypse as presented by stoic Mr. Fane.

The following Public Service Announcement brought to you by stoic Mr. Fane.

Also: snowpocalypse. Particularly if you’re in the northeast. These are the times you wish you still had snow days.

Or quite possibly lived in Hawaii.

4 thoughts on “Ideas: The Race to Completion

  1. No shortage of ideas or projects to keep you busy on a snowy day. Bank the fire and start putting some of those ideas down on paper!

  2. I’m excited for “At Faith’s End”! I totally support the Apocalypse story line. Civil war in America? In Michigan? I’m sure you have lots of great ideas there 🙂

    • Burgeoning of your classic police state, a touch of domestic terror, and yes, probably war–but without leading into a road warrior sort of scenario. Apocalyptic, yes, but also likely not going to be dwelling on the single wandering survivor sort of scenario (again, that’s probably more post-apoc), but more of a roving militia (hunted?). Michigan? Maybe. Who knows. I’ll probably leave specific places within the greater vein of “America” vague, to better reflect the loss of identity. If people parse out more than that from the details given, well…good on them. 😉

      At Faith’s End! I so need to be able to just sit down and pile drive through the rest of it. Truly. So then I can get it to you and the rest, good sir. Soon (I’m starting to hate that’s all I can say!)…

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