Winter Productivity

White Fields2 copy

Winter. Because sometimes fact and fiction share a few details, and freeze us out between them. Thankfully, I suppose, scenes in my next book at least allow me to begin prodding beyond the frost. And when I wake up to bright beautiful sunlight, and see its gauges then sprout such blasphemies to me as “0”, I become all the more determined to scribble-scribble-scribble my way through it in a hurry. So, I suppose it serves a productive purpose.

Stay warm today, everyone. It’s frigid.

3 thoughts on “Winter Productivity

  1. Meanwhile, in my neck of the woods, we’re going to push into the 70s. I know most everyone would love that, but I miss winter. It’s been a long time since I’ve experienced a “real” chill with snow.

    • And meanwhile I would gladly take a hop, skip, and a jump right over a mountain top to get some of that 70-degree goodness right now. If only I could have the snow, and somehow keep the chill away from me, I would be happy–alas, the world does not seem to oblige!

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