Fire-side Harmony

Fire-lit we see

the bliss that lay beneath the sea

for harmony is a shifter thing

a hope no mortal hands can bring—

that we, coddled in the blanket bliss

can only paddle glimpses soon to miss;

we lack the fins, the constitution

to see the ease be shunned.

Martel and van Over have friends for dinner an...

Fireplace. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

7 thoughts on “Fire-side Harmony

  1. Discontent and friction seem to be our norm, don’t they. Ever seeking peace may be our saving grace. The cadence you created serves the words, the message.

  2. Sometimes with a fire going I just sit and stare into it. And it’s almost like a trance, or something. My mind doesn’t think at all. It’s like my body is touching base with mother earth or something. A conversation might be happening there, but I wouldn’t know it. It’s not my conscious self having the conversation, but another part of me, the living, breathing, physical part. If I should eavesdrop on that conversation, – that forbidden, taboo toss of words between body and earth then I think it would be quite like your poem….. I think it’s hard to draw that part out of ourselves and delineate it, but you did it so well here…… Nicely penned Chris..

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