13 thoughts on “Forgotten Dreams

  1. whew…some grit in your words…so is this from the new job? i see a little influence there…smiles…and once the dreams are all dried up what do you do…but move on…i been in some dried up coal towns…not a fun place…

  2. very cool lines here, love the rhyme scheme, as the pattern is clearly there, but the way the lines are created and the end words chosen, create a subtlety to the rhyme, which is there, but not overt and overpowering to the theme itself. Very strong piece. Thanks

  3. Hmmm, like the rhythm and the way the rhyming words just roll off the tongue when reading. Interesting format. Is there a name for the format, or just your own twist on the style of writing? Well penned, Chris.

  4. In the dint of nothing… I really like that line. this is well-crafted… I too like the rhyme scheme because it’s almost subtle… it brings with it a very strong feeling… I can’t decide if it’s a bad thing to realize it’s all a dream… or a very good thing to see through the veils and realize it’s all a dream…

    • Perhaps we cannot know until the dream does near its end…but as to the rhyme I peddled to the purpose, I’m glad you like; a bit of subtlety can go as far in a penning as the power of the overt sound. It can build, and deliver all the more potent strike at its ending note for it.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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