Empty Drink

The lake is empty.

Roots have left this shore.

Freedom to be free,

containment shattered by the waves of yore–

all of It will cease to be

before they see that less is rarely more.

Empty Lake Bed, (from iDesign iPhone Wallpapers)


11 thoughts on “Empty Drink

    • I would be honored my good sir! And I’m even more honored that you would consider my mildly poetic self to be anything nearing a “pro.” When I grab a free few moments here this weekend, I shall have a look-see. Hope all’s well in the meanwhile!

    • And in turn with you, Dani! It has been some time. It saddens me my current job has not allowed me to be as active as perhaps once I was but…there are certain necessities in life I do suppose. How have you been?

    • No, no…sadly it’s just a stock photo one of the iphone wallpaper sites was hosting. To be at Burning Man would be a truly wild and memorable experience indeed–I have not even been able to dabble in the most basic elements of photography in some time, to my eternal shame!

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