Like a river

Like a river

it’s all just one-way

around the bend, they say

just another lap down the whipple-waves

of human faces, frothing

for a pound of flesh


with claws more like

singing out the sounds of life

the lurid lure into the deepest depths

humanity always spoils before

shorelines are an issue

no, ser not me

you’ll not drink the soul

but every protest comes half-hearted

the waves, once seen, always longed for

by child-mind, learned not learning

that the whispers really hide

men’s shapes.

5 thoughts on “Like a river

  1. the whipple waves of human faces…ha…nice chris…humanity always spoils before shoreline is an issue…strong….way to fight back brother…

    so when does the new job start?

    and happy anniversary man…glad to have you on the team…and expanding my poetic repitoire…smiles.

    • Well, this week’s all training, but technically the job started yesterday. Being good about scheduling posts so they actually still get out there while I’m at work, though.

      Good to work with you as well, Bri–and a happy dVerse anniversary to you, good sir. You and Claudia built a hell of a thing.

  2. I’m glad your still sharing your writes with us because I’d be lost without you. This expands on your already sharpened skill and gives a slight change of voice as our boy is growing up. Know our love is sent to light your way and lighten your heart.

  3. Thought-provoking… I especially like:

    humanity always spoils before
    shorelines are an issue

    … and thanks, Chris, for your Tuesday contributions at dVerse. I look forward to them each week.

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