Can you hear me now?

A spirit on your shoulder would ask the question how

but I think between us we shall know

it’s long since lost the trancing glow—

every calculated bleating

is a pointed technologic drifting

from the act an individual nation

dared to call communication.


9 thoughts on “Communication

  1. communication is surely a prickly pear….online communication all the more because it is using a very limited scope…you can not hear inflection, see body language….texting for instance…

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  3. no doubt the “ether” has detracted from quality of communication in some cases, but I think too that the availability of voices 24/7 also leads us to settle for less…in my line of work, relations have become the short-cut and are much more difficult to build. Fights and spats are easier and faster to blow up due to an unintended breach of etiquette or a mis-interpretation of a four word message that used to take at least a ten minute phone conversation…an interesting piece that I hope I didn’t take too much liberty with.

  4. Great subtle use of rhyme here, Chris–you are a poet’s poet for sure–always meticulous and real. Fine work here, especially the sense of a lot of noise and static not just between individuals but between nations, conveyed simply and cleanly.

  5. nicely done chris…and really beyond all technology the essence is simply (or not so simply) letting go of thinking while listening (even through written words)…then we can thoughtfully communicate.

  6. enjoyed this Chris, its a double edge the ease of mass communicate versus the mutation it can create…well executed my friend. Send you love and well! ~ Rose

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