The Hive Jive

Bees are just a function of the hive
so is it soul then that keeps us from the pits?
Too bad we’re all burnt out before we’re twenty-five
if anybody listened we might even ease the fits
the drone game calls the learning curve jive
but even souls can’t fact acquit,
we’ll all shrive before we thrive
not in legion, but in whit.

17 thoughts on “The Hive Jive

  1. Chris…I’m feeling this one today…I’m 13 years into that burnout, just trying to keep my head above water! Hope you’re well…and trust that review will soon be forthcoming! The Hollow March is awesome and I hope your sales are reflecting that…power on wordbender

    • Oh, Natasha, I think at this point we all are–it’s part of the cry I’m making in this piece. All too often it feels like the world’s just trying to push us down, in spite our best intentions–but we must try. And as to the review, I look forward to it! But as I said, my e-mail wasn’t nagging or anything, more simple curiosity on my part; thank you all the same my friend. All the best!

    • You’re in the hive, they do their best to kick you away from the honey; you’re out of the hive, well…they do their damn best to make sure you aren’t getting near the honey! What a world…

  2. Hard times and stinging words. Courage required at this point sir, and a view beyond. You’ve always shown it to us and my hopes and best thoughts are with you because I know you will not only persevere but prevail. Excellent poem.

  3. One of these days, there won;t be any honey because the Queen Bee at the top is going to explode from being over fed while all the drones are starved. Hang in there–I did my time at that grind and I only hope I never have to go back.(Great language in this Chris–really has a gritty modern feel combined with so much that’s classic and heavy as a well-wrought hammer.)

  4. I love this, Chris; so gritty and real. I was in the hive most of my life, but not willingly and caused quite a buzz most of the time. I’m free of it now, though more in spirit than reality. It never really lets us go free.

  5. I… IT’s… … DAMN, Chris. I would willingly preform this. hotdamn, I disappear with a tooth abscess and you get BUSY. I should get sick more often. 😉

    • Nonsense! I was actually wondering where you had gone. When several texts/attempts to contact you had gone unanswered, I was wondering if something had happened or if you were all grr-faced (technical term) after our last chat.

      It’s nice to be able to greet a return from sickness with a little something you like, though, Kila. And it’s an honor to have one so talented even say such a thing as this–a willingness to perform such words about the greatest honor one writer can say to another. 🙂

      • lol, no. I’ve been on narcotic painkillers for about 2 weeks-the first round of antibiotics weren’t heavy-duty enough and the infection spread down my jaw-which called for super drugs. I’ve been curled around my mouth in agony. my highest level of functioning has been facebook games and sunning in the park wit hte boys… Which has bleached out my hair-could you believe I actually have BLOND in it right now?? (and a tan… or my freckles have connected, I can’t tell)

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