Temporary Hiatus Aborted; All Den Systems Go

Long day, getting longer. Long week, getting longer. Long month, getting longer. Short life…

Well, probably getting shorter. At least if the heat has anything to say about it.

Hello, gentle readers. If you’ve swung by the site in recent days, you’ve probably noticed a distinct lack of any activity. Probably a few cobwebs on the wall. While I always seem to have a myriad of excuses (the fact that I’m a flighty twat notwithstanding), the Waking Den has been on temporary hiatus for the past week due to personal troubles in that grand old stink hole we call reality.

Following the dissolution of a work situation and the death of any worthwhile creativity, coupled with the usual healthy dose of insanity, I saw it only fitting to take a week and recharge the batteries before attempting to hit the blogosphere again (not literally of course—unless you all think that would be mildly therapeutic?). While the situation hasn’t really improved any in recent days, I am going to make an effort to post at least something here each week again, giving some small return to regularity in this most irregular of places.

Thank you for bearing with me; all I can really say in addition is that I hope this situation won’t last long. Galford-brand luck being what it is, however, we’ll just have to see.

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