Lively Life Updates and Shiny Reviews

The White Rabbit from the Alice Adventures in ...

Okay, okay so…maybe I sport less flashy threads. Not everyone can pull off that many hearts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Imagine me for a moment, if you would, as that little rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. I’m not late for any date, but I’m certainly at that feverish level of busy. If I bounce around and spring off anymore walls my head just may explode.

Not literally, of course. I’m probably exagerrating.


But the point is, it’s a busy week, and I, a busy boy. Man. Man-boy writer.

Okay, so that just sounds bad. But there’s a bit of the kid left in all us writers no matter the age, right? I have to believe it’s part of where our creativity comes from.

So here’s a run-down of why the Den has been lagging a bit, and its master running circles about the place:

1. Job hunting. For those of you that don’t know, the writing game doesn’t particularly pay very well, and as such, like many younglings in the world, day jobs are required. While I have had one for several months now, it’s a contract position–and one that will be running out next month. Head is in the game, eyes are to the ground, and I’m hoping I don’t get run over by a FedEx truck in the process. JOURNALIST/WRITER FOR HIRE!–a common phrase these days.

2. This past weekend was move-in time for my shiny new apartment. Between hunting down items to furbish it with and getting all accounts/necessary details transferred, it made for a rather hectic time of things. Amazingly, I somehow found the time to catch Avengers. It was good. Dealing with energy companies? Much less so. I deserve an award for not senselessly bludgeoning at least three support personnel this weekend. Also see addendum: BILLS.

Yes, (company that shall not be named), for the last time, I do know how to spell my own name. I assure you that was not the reason I could not access my account.

The Hollow March book cover image

The Marches. They are Hollow.

3. New review! If a new apartment is shiny, this has me practically glowing: a Ms. Tara Fox Hall of the UK’s Fantasy Book Review completed and went live with a new (and two-thumbs up) review of The Hollow March. It’s a positive review on the whole of things, and she tackles both the good and the bad quite succinctly. Admittedly, I can’t very much disagree with her one real criticism. Take a gander at the full review here.

4. Writing. Editing. Poetry. LITERARY EXPLOSIONS.
For more on the poetry front, at least, check the post right below this one. Just click the home page and scroll. You can do it. I have faith in you.
Or if you’re feeling lazy, you could just click this link. I won’t judge you–much.

5. Birthday dramatica. Okay, so it’s not terribly dramatic, but this weekend is ye olde author birthday. Not a particularly big year–23, for those of you going, “How young is this weirdo?”–but it’s still a magical time that always leaves on drained, confused, and mildly on edge. Alright, fine, more than a bit energetic as well. Wait–that’s just me? But the real point is, it’s the first real birthday away from friends, and away from family, and wandering through a foreign land (yes, for the purposes of drama, Colorado is a foreign country–sorry Colorado). Makes a writer oddly wistful.

Birthday Cake

I will have my cake. I may even eat it too. Tasty metaphorical cake, that is. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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