19 thoughts on “The Chase

  1. This challenged and informed me. I’ve never heard anyone express those thoughts this way before. This deserves the title “poem” as it is succinct, shows in a new way, brings with explication both satisfaction and enjoyment. Really brilliant, Chris!

    • You honor me, Gay! Honestly, this came from what was originally a much longer poem, multiple stanzas…but I came to realize the latter were unnecessary, that the point came down to this single stanza. It’s unusual for me to lop off so much so readily, but I must say I’m satisfied with how it turned out–and glad others have enjoyed it as well.

    • Interesting take. Always amusing to see where words will lead people…and a myth is certainly a good place to go. Plus, Zeus would certainly be one all for riddling out the secret of women…though of course, he certainly wouldn’t one to put it to good use!

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