At break of grey

A thousand lights swarm

with the break of grey *

like fireflies descent upon the warm

sanctuary of the hidden day.

No sight,

No light.

They will sway before they bend

a multitude consumed

before they mend

tragedies in twilight bloomed.

* Inspired by the oh so grey, and oh so dark, and oh so slushy morning today in Colorado. Hurrah for people forgetting how to drive in the two weeks since they last saw snow… Thankfully this, like all things, can get the poetic gears turning in this silly little head of mine, and expand beyond mere road-based frustrations. I would have gotten a picture to add…but I was a little busy trying not to die. Seemed important.

17 thoughts on “At break of grey

  1. what…you had snow…? oh my..i’m desperately waiting for spring.. think i would’ve forgotten to drive in snow as well…just because i want to forget…smiles

    • Oh yes, and plenty of it…it was a very slushy day, too, since it was perpetually right on that border of freezing. It had been almost summer-like weather for two weeks leading up to this…then all of a sudden, bam. The white stuff fell from the sky again. And today? It’s back to the high 60s. Madness.

  2. Some of the most harrowing driving we have ever done was through Colorado in a blizzard–i can imagine the only picture you were thinking about was not seeing your car in a twisted wreck on the nightly news. This is a very worthy piece though, to come out of it, and transcends the situation, being much more. Like the bend-mend rhyme, too.

    • Too true. Of course, I was also thinking: now what if we took all these conditions and added a night factor to it? Not something I’m looking forward to, to be sure. Especially if I must cross windy mountain roads in the process.

      …now I’m just jinxing myself.

      Glad you enjoyed the piece my friend!

  3. Beautiful – I agree with skyraftwanderer – it does feel impressionistic – and there are two definite layers of meaning I could see – this is sublime

    • Even the best, most intricate layers are only fully realized when someone else has eyes to see them…glad they’re speaking to you, Marousia, and glad you liked it!

  4. Beautiful….beautiful Colorado..hard to think of it as…oh so grey, and oh so dark, and oh so slushy…I imagine when you live there you see the bad as well 🙂

    • Such is the nature of the thing. Passing through and passing by, we see only the beauty, imagine only the wonders we are missing…but every place has its dark days as well. I just finally got to meet Colorado’s!

  5. Same thing goes over here in Buffalo. We had those six days of unseasonable high seventies and then the temperature dropped in the 20’s with a small snowfall and it was like everyone forget one month back. Very nice job here, hit point exactly. Thanks

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